John W. Timmons

John Timmons, Founding Partner

 John Timmons has decades of experience working on commerce, communications, transportation, alternative energy projects, health care, public lands, and Native American issues.  As a Hill staffer, he worked for Congressman and then Senator John McCain (R-AZ) where he was ultimately Legislative Counsel.  Mr. Timmons also worked on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation as Senior Minority Counsel after serving as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Government Affairs at the US Department of Transportation during the Reagan Administration.

As a lobbyist at Hill and Knowlton, Mr. Timmons played a key role in the passage of AIR-21, a revolutionary piece of aviation infrastructure and pro-competitive legislation.  He was also a senior member of a crisis communications team involving the TWA # 800 disaster.  He represented a vendor to the airline that was at the center of suspicion for having caused the disaster. Ultimately, his client was not found liable.

In his previous position as Vice President of Government Affairs for America West Airlines, he was the principal strategist for legislative and political issues at the federal level.  After 9/11 Mr. Timmons helped America West navigate the perilous shoals the airline found itself on.  As part of an industry effort to stabilize and restore confidence in our nation’s air transportation network, he was instrumental in constructing an emergency loan program for industry members and aided America West in receiving the first such loan which ensured the company’s survival.

While representing Sprint he participated in an effort to prevent AT&T from consuming T-Mobile in a merger that would have doomed Sprint. Sprint subsequently merged with T-Mobile saving a huge amount of value for Sprint investors.

Mr. Timmons received his B.A. from Albion College in Albion, MI and received a J.D. from the Washington & Lee University.  He is proudest of having coached his and others’ children through 33 seasons of basketball, soccer and softball.